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Update: Westchester pumps have left the building and heading your way. Stay tuned for more information regarding pickup. Big thank you to House of Laughter for helping out with this!


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Staten Island
holy poo these pumps are strong as heck! freaking WP25 is powerfull as hell. its on my girls 45G 36x24x12 and its rockin this tank like no tomorrow, we have it on the perfect setting as of right now everything seems to be happy. Thanks For doing this group buy David. cant wait to see one in the near future.
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Long island group buy members all picked up. It was nice meeting you guys. Thanks Ming for getting them to queens for me. And a big thanks to cmantis for setting it all up.
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Thavngr98 just dropped off my wp-25! (Thanks again, Dave) now I gotta wait to get home later and hook this bad boy up. Any recommendations As far as placement goes for my 55 reef? What settings do you guys like for random flow? Ill start a new thread with some videos unless someone else does first.


Barnum Island
I want to say thank you & congrats to David (cmantis) for doing such a GREAT job of setting up & running this very successful GB!! :)

Also a big thank you to the members who volunteered to be pick up points so that many of our members could participate as well.

Nice job everyone!!

I have my hob overflow on the left size of my tank. My hob reef octopus skimmer is on the Right Should I put this wp25 on the left or ride side of my 4' tank?

Experiment and see what works. :tongue:

Picked up my WP40 today. Big thanks again to cmantis for this and for House of Laughter for the pick up point. This was the first time I did a a group buy outside of my local club, couldn't have asked for a better experience.

And, this thing is a beast, I'm running it in ELSE mode. I could probably use just this in my 120, but I'm running it concurrent with my MP20 because why not. The fish don't know how to handle it when this thing ramps up to full blast.
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