need advice with frogspawn


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Long story short
after hurricane sandy i decided to go a different route
mostly fish less corals
somehow my skimmer started over skimming without me knowing and my autotopoff diluted my salinity 1.013 I have all inhabitant look good except for my huge frogspawn.
how slowly should i raise the salinity ? over hours or days


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IDK how much you top off in a day from your ATO but you could always setup a seperate bucket of water with a salinity of 1.017 to use as your ATO, then after a couple days when your salinity goes up you increase the salinity in the ATO to 1.020 and so on til you get to your desired levels. This usually only works when you are not topping off a lot of water so the salinity raises really slowly (2-3 weeks).

Another option is to increase the salinity in your water changes, but this requires very slight increases in salinity as to not shock any of the inhabitants. I used this approach when treating for ich and it was very effective, however, I did it a little too fast and some of my LPS didn't extend for a week.