Lobophellia disintigrated


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I had a really nice superman colored Lobo for about 3 years. Was almost 3 inches across. The last few days it did not puff up when the lights went on. Overnight it disintigrated. I removed what was left but my water is very cloudy. Does not seem to be bothering the fish or corals. I changed a few gallons this morning and will probably do a couple more later today. I wonder what made that happen.
It was a very tough coral in that if any corals fell on it they would melt away and you could not see any damage to the Lobo. About two weeks ago an acan fell on it and by the time I saw it the acan was just skelatan. I wonder if that had anything to do with its demise.
Attached is my last picture of it from about 2 weeks ago.



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Lobo are very tough, and they usually win most battles with other corals, but it's very possible that the fight with the Acan caused it to be damaged enough where it slowly died from being touched by the Acan. So, in this case nobody won.