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Manhattan Reefs
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Denver, Colorado
Common Names: candy cane coral, candy coral, trumpet coral, cat?s eye coral

Difficulty Level: Candy cane coral is usually regarded as the easiest of all LPS corals. Regular water changes are usually enough to keep them growing on most systems.

Feeding: Candy Canes are extremely aggressive eaters with very capable tentacles. They will easily catch and consume most food types including frozen, liquid and even pellets. Take care as their feeding aggression can sometimes be taken out on neighboring corals.

Lighting (Level 2 to 7): Candy canes will thrive in a wide range of lighting intensities, be sure to take care to acclimate them to avoid bleaching when moving them to higher lighting.

Water flow:*They can adapt to nearly any flow type, but will be fleshier if placed in medium to lower flow areas.

Placement:*Candy canes are relatively fast growers with strong stinging tentacles. Be to sure to plan carefully around them to avoid future fighting.

General: Candy canes will grow rapidly when fed ample amounts. They can be easily fragged by breaking them off at the base of branches.

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