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Old 11-07-2010, 07:21 PM
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Plate Coral Question

Yesterday at the NJ Frag Swap I picked up a sweet plate coral about 4" diameter. yellow bubble tentacles w/ neon tips.
Last night when I was spot feeding my LPS all of the tentacles were out on the plate, bubble trumpets and acans.
The plate looked really healthy. This morning I did my usual ESV 2 part dose, and almost instantly, the plate's tentacles that were our maybe 2" started to recede. The front of the plate has spot receding while the back has some recession. It looks pretty stressed. I was thinking if it was still adapting to the tank that it wouldn't have fully extended out all of its tentacles last night... any thoughts on this?
It's towards the front of the tank, but flow isn't crazy. I've given more than enough space for it to let its tentacles fully extend and there's nothing remotely close to it for it to fight with. Has anyone else had this issue with a coral reacting to quickly when dosing? I know most of you guys guys have reactors, but since I don't have a sump, I have to use chemicals to dose.
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