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The wait is over -
Black Friday Sales are here &
they are on FIRE! ? at Manhattan Aquariums
Don't Miss this once a year event!!!!
All Livestock 40% OFF ALL WEEKEND
We know there are a lot of great deals going on this BF ..but as always we appreciate your business so we've saved our biggest discounts for this holiday event.
Thank You for supporting us,
and shopping small business
Restock your aquarium without breaking the bank,
Renew and upgrade your Reefer Equipment,
Take the leap and purchase that Reefer Choice Coral,
Redo your aquariums rock work or start that
Nano Reef System you've always wanted!
- Black Friday Sales -
Red Sea Peninsula 500 Deluxe $2500.00
Geek Out with Neptune Systems Sales 10% OFF
Ecotech Vectra Gen 2 Pumps 10%OFF
Nyos Torq Body & Base 10%OFF
AI Nero 5 Pumps 10% OFF
D-D ClariSea Filter Rollers 10% OFF
All Hanna Testers 15%OFF
Pax Bellum ARID & Accessories - 20% OFF
Triton Applied Reef Bioscience - 15% OFF
Dalua Great White Skimmers - 20% off
Illumagic LED Lights & Accessories - 10% off
Innovative Marine Aquariums 20% off *In-Store Only*
SeeClear MagSleeve - 20% off
MarcoRocks All Shapes - 15% off
Sale Starts Friday 11/29 1-8 pm
* Any Item purchased during sales event will be honored. Out of stock items will be shipped or made available for pick up when back in stock.


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