Manhattan Aquariums

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  • hEY guys do you have any bags of sand? what brand do u carry? i was gona take a ride out there today to pic up some stuff today.
    Hello there. I was curious to know if you guys are open on Sunday 12/19 and what are your hours? Are you guys located on 37th/8th?

    Thank you kindly


    I am going to city with my daughter that day. Taking Penn Station.
    Just a big thanks to you guys. I got a sweet teal favia from your $50 tank. So nice, I love it. :)
    I dont know if this is Joe or Vince, but the chalice I bought lost a little color around the edges, not much, but enough that I noticed. Being I dont have much experiance with them, should I be concerned ? I have it low down in the tank with very little current. I know its only been in the tank for 4 days, but its gorgeous and I would hate to see it go downhill.


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