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Happy Holidays to All! Eve to Eve Sale Starts NOW!

Happy Holidays to all of our loyal customers

In these hard times we appreciate you all for supporting us this year.
May you all have a blessed holiday weekend,
Thank You for shopping small business.

Huge Livestock Order Just Arrived!
All the most popular Saltwater Fish, Corals,
and Invertebrates available NOW!

All Livestock 30% OFF
In-Store & On MA Online
Don't forget to add the
Discount Code: XMAS30 at Checkout

More Holiday Deals....
*Triton Bioscience (including ICP Tests) -15% off
*Dalua Great White Skimmers - 10% off
*Illumagic LED Lights & Accessories - 10% off
*Pax Bellum Chaeto Marco Algae Reactors -10% off
*Mag Sleeve Algae Magnet Sleeve -10% off

Still Need a Gift?
A Perfect Gift for your beloved Reefer
Manhattan Aquarium Gift Cards
Available In-Store & Digital Gift Cards are
available on MA Online

MA Online Shipping Options:
*Free Pick up -$35 Local Delivery is Available
*Free Delivery on all Dry-goods orders over $49
*Free Delivery on all Livestock orders over $250
for NY/NJ Residents

Holiday Store Hours
Christmas Eve 12/24 11-3pm
Christmas Day 12/25 Store Closed
New Year's Eve 12/31 11-3pm
New Year's Day 1/1/22 Store Closed
Sale Starts Christmas Eve thru New Year's Eve


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