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  • adamt what's up it's reefboys i wanted to know if still have some zoa's left my number is 588/8118 thanks.
    Whats up bro, its Matt from Allstar aquarium. I fragged pretty much all my corals the other day and got nice nice stuff for sale and cheap too. I have some pictures of them so if you want to see them give me your cell phone number and i'll send you them.

    Red Millipora Plate
    Purple stag (nice big pieces too)
    Australian Yellow Acropora with Purple tips and green Polyps
    Erodescent Green Hydnopora
    Blue tipped Acro (Top quality piece)
    Bright Green Acro
    Orange Millipora
    Pink + Green Poccillopora
    Green with Purple tip Frogspawn

    I have about 25 colonies of acroporas and tons of LPS and softies that i can frag as well like hammers and purple toadstool leather and yellow toadstool leathers and more if you want to come check them out one day let me know, i sell them for cheap too so don't worry about prices like $10-25 max and $25 gets u a nice frag thats big too.

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