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  1. EMERGENCY! Need a good home for fish in Bohemia, NY

    Long story, but a friend of mine had a bad breakup and is now left with a full tank setup and a bunch of fish. Need to move the fish first. She has a wrasse, spotted trigger, 3 clowns and 2 damsels. She doesn't know the exact species and I cant get out there to help her (I'm in Brooklyn)...
  2. WTB Montipora cap

    Large frag/small colony any color
  3. 24" controllable/dimable t5 or t5/led fixture

    Can P/U in the tristate area PM me or text 917-957-1223 Mikey
  4. freshwater buying/selling

    Does anyone know a local forum to buy and sell freshwater equipment? Thanks Mike
  5. WTB blastos, lobos, trachys

    PM me
  6. WTB lips colonies/large frags BLAStOS!

    I especially would like a blasto/acan colony/large frag pm me
  7. FS/FT neon green nephthia mini colony

    super fast grower! I have one more colony left, all healed and attached to a rock ready to go. $20 or trade for a nice size softie frag. I can deliver within a reasonable distance from Brooklyn. Pic if of the mother colony. PM me for WYSIWYG pics. Thanks
  8. Beautiful neon green nepthia LARGE frags

    Hey all this is my first time selling to other reefers so I'm not sure what to charge but $20 per LARGE frag on a price of rock sounds fair. I would also trade for softies. I have a beautiful neon green nephthia that I have made some large (~4 x 3inch)frags and could easily frag a bunch more...
  9. WTB Softies and powerheads

    Interested in large frags/colonies of leathers, xenia, mushrooms etc (no zoaz) also interested in a lobo also a cheap powerhead or 2. I'm located in Brooklyn and I drive so I can p/u within a reasonable distance Thanks Mike
  10. Salt

    Where is the cheapest locally/online?
  11. WTB large, rimless reef ready

    75g + Looking to upgrade from my 40. PM me
  12. WTB powerhead

    To keep as a spare
  13. WTB toadstool leather

    Preferably not a frag. Will p/u in the 5 boros or nassau county Thanks Mike