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  • do you have 2 bulbs or just one? If you only have one it may not be enough light for the caps but if you want to try them you would need to keep them up high. I have two pcs on my frag tank and they look great but I also have a 150watt metal halide that's on for 5-6 hours per day
    Coralife 65w Compact - rockwork goes pretty high, so can be near the light or far. Mid-High flow.
    This would be my first coral purchase. I believe the orange caps are easy for beginners, what about the digitata? Would the orange caps, purple and green digitata be too much too fast?

    36G tank up for 2 years, lots of rock, firefish and percula clown

    Please reserve some of each for me that could be put in together. In New Providence - what is a good day/time for pickup?

    hi Mike
    yes that will help to get the cycle going but to get the dead rock to become live again you need to add live rock and it will eventually "seed" the dead rock. Your amonia is 0 because you don't have anything to fuel it. Now that the damsels are in there, the cycle will start and the amonia will prob spike. Let me know when you want to come by and get the rock. A good article to read is "so you want to start a marine tank" on www.reefcentral.com, it's on the left on the home page. Great resource too
    New Reef Help Hi I'm Mike An New Here Have Questions Need Help <hr style="color: rgb(209, 209, 225);" size="1"> Hi What's Up My Names Mike I Would Like To Buy A Few Pounds Of That Live Rock Your Selling $3 per lb Tell Where An When To Pick Some Up.

    I Can Use A Little Help Too I'm New To Reef Tanks I Have A "All Glass" 15 Gallon Tall Tank, "All Glass Aquarium" Lighting Deluxe Full Hood With Aquarium Spectronic Fluorescent Lamp Included "Rapids" 3 stage 450gph Wet/Dry Canister Filter/Protein Skimmer, Aqua Clear 150gph hang on filter, Live Rocks, Two 4" Top Fin Round Airstones, Live Crushed Coral & Sand Mixed. Tank Temp 78.5 F to 79.5 F Top Fin 100 watt Heater
    Test Show "API" Ammonia 0 ppm, "Quick Dip" Nitrate 50, Nitrite 0, Hardness (GH) 300, chlorine 0, Alkalinity 300, PH 8.4, "Instant Ocean Hydrometer" Salinity 1.024. The Rest Calcium/NA, Magnesium/NA, Phosphate/NA For Now.

    Did I Leave Any Other Needed Test Out?

    I Used fiji Live Rock From A 100 Gallon Tank. That Was Not In Use For A Year But Still Had Water In It. The Salinity Of That Tank Was 0. Theirs Was Very Little Purple Left On The Rock. Will It Come Back If So How Long Will It Take For This To Happen Was This Ok To Do?

    Today I Just Added 2 1/2 pounds More live Rock & 2 Yellowtail Damselfish From The Pet Shop Will This Help Anything?
    they will be nice size, the poci are all mounted, look at the pics. The leathers I will frag on site for you. 2-3"
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