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  • Can't mail in this heat it will never make it!! And it's free so don't worry but I'm usually in Long Island paintballing wanna hook up
    whats up bro noticed you live in holbrook im in holtsville.send u a friend request maybe i will end up buying some corals from u ive seen alot of your post. take care -eddie
    yeah i know...even they are UVL supposed be better than regular PC. I m waiting for nanocustom to release T 5 for biocube. I want to keep my hood closed cuz i have a little taz boy i dont trust him :) .
    red, nightmares, wow, capt opening...fruit loops, small 2 are opening slow...they should be good tomorrow...

    I have rainbow chaile and huckberry watermelon chailes..they dont look good :( little bleaching and its choc color..WTF...Any idea how to treat it eh ?
    I bought it from mrcoral.com...he told m if 2 didnt make it..he ll send me as replace...we shall see..
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