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  • I got the tank from a friend in Nov.2016. I got it started after new years. I have it running since then. I went to a 93 gallon cube. But the cube is still running with my chocolate chip starfish and a few others from my clean up crew. The tank comes with a return pump, power head, skimmer with air pump and water heater. Also included is the life sand about 30 lbs. and a few life rocks about 12lbs. and a cucumber. Send me your number so I can send you pics. 917-881-2386 Ray. Don't know how to upload pics.
    whats up man...you should have sent a pm or a page b/c I do not normally check my page so sorry for the delayed response. Yes, I traded Carlos aka Neptune my 29 biocube in credit towards his set up. The only thing I moded were the LED powerbrites inside so I could have sps...which did really good in that system. I bought the tank for $175 and the moded hood (with fans) for $60 from thesauce.
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