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  • Hey Jared!
    It's Jason from Greenwich Aquaria... You working in LI still? I'm looking for people and thought I'd check on you first! jason@greewnichaquaria.com...Hope you're well!
    Hi Jared,
    I'mthe guy that comes to the storein lynbrook all the time with my wife and baby. I came by Sunday to look at the new shipment, but you were closed after 4 PM. Qucik question.
    I came home today to see three heads of my torch coral, which I 've had for a year, with a brown substance. Not sure if this is brown jelly disease. I have about 20 other corals in my tank. Don't have a fragging kit so not sure what to do. Should I quarantine in a 10 gallon tank that I have with water from previous water changes? I don't actually have a quarantine tank set up, but have water from old water changes that I can put into a 10 gallon with a power head for flow.
    Should I do an iodine dip? How do I do this?

    Parameters are:
    Sp gravity: 1.023
    Nitrate 0
    nitrite 0
    Phosphate (off the chart) it was gold appering on my API test; i checked twice -->
    Alkalinity 7 dKH
    Calcium 360
    Magnesium 1300

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