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  • truyen sex T?i y?u Lan ?? hai n?m nay. N?ng l? m?t c? g?i ??p m? c? l? kh?ng c?n ??a con g?i n?o trong l?p t?i ??p b?ng. Ch?ng t?i l? b?n th?n c?a nhau t? h?i h?c l?p 6 t?i gi?. B?y gi? ch?ng t?i ?ang h?c l?p 12 v? ??u tr??ng th?nh, ??u bi?n th?nh nh?ng nam thanh, n? t? c? r?i.
    T?i ph?t hi?n ra s? thay ??i c?a Lan khi n?ng ?ang h?c l?p 9. C? th? n?ng nh? ???c l?t x?c h?an t?an ch? sau m?t m?a h? ng?n ng?i. N?ng b?ng nh? g?o, cao l?n h?n l?n. B? ng?c n?ng c?ng ph?ng, ??y s?c s?ng. B? m?ng c?a n?ng t? xa c?ng khi?n kh?ng ai c?m l?ng ???c. C?p ??i c?a n?ng tuy?t ??p. N? tr?ng n?n v? thon th? h?t ch?. N?i chung, tr?n c? th? n?ng b? ph?n g? c?ng th?t c?n ??i, h?i h?a. . L?n da c?a n?ng tr?ng th?t m?n m?ng. N?ng xinh ??p tuy?t v?i. Q?a l? m?t s?c ??p tr?i cho. T?i y?u n?ng c?ng v? th? th?i.
    Hey how's it going that red planet I got from you is not thriving no polops and brown?
    Hey I spoke to him today he was busy and should be able to do something tomorrow
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