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  1. Odysi's 57 Rimless

    Yea most of there tanks are. If you need here is a list they have on there website. It tells you which panes are tempered on every tank.
  2. Odysi's 57 Rimless

    Thx! Guy s
  3. Odysi's 57 Rimless

    Soon to be zoa garden Indo Gold Torch Dragon Soul Torch Well thanks for looking guys! Hope everyone enjoyed the crappy cell phone pics! Oh and all the sps guys out there i would love any advice you guys could give me on maybe getting the colors on track with the frags!!
  4. Odysi's 57 Rimless

    PC Rainbow POTO Supergirl RR Dragon Slayer RR Pikachu WD WD (Top Down blue light) UC Fascination RR Pink Cadillac Starwberry Shortckae Orange Micromussa
  5. Odysi's 57 Rimless

    Hey guys so its been about a year since i last posted an update. After 2 long years the tank finally came into its own and all the ugly stages i hope are behind me. So 2 months ago i finally got around getting all the frags off the racks and glued onto the rock and i happy to say everything is...
  6. Question ATO recommendation for nano tank

    I use the XP Aqua Duetto dual sensor it cost me like $115 i think and has been flawless for the last year
  7. For Sale Frags F/S Zoa's & Sps

    Weekend bump
  8. For Sale Equipment Sale

  9. For Sale Frags F/S Zoa's & Sps

  10. For Sale Frags F/S Zoa's & Sps

    Hey guys looking to clear out frag rack. All frags have been in my tank for a while now. Pick up in Sunset Park Brooklyn 1. Bright Green Acro - $25 2. POTO Supergirl Milli - $40 SOLD 3. Gobstoppers bout 20polyps+ - $30 4. Pink zoa 4 polyps - $20 5. Sunny D's 5 polyps - $15 SOLD 6. Pink zoa 5...
  11. For Sale Equipment Sale

  12. Home assitants and our reefs. Alexa and google assistant

    Log into fusion, click on apex home an scroll down to voice. You will also need to add the apex skill to your echo. There tutorials on YouTube from Neptune that will help out too
  13. Home assitants and our reefs. Alexa and google assistant

    I have my echo dot hooked up to my apex. It can pretty much controller everything from turning on/off feed cycles to turning on and off outlets and status reports. You just need to add and Aliase to inputs and outputs
  14. Equipment L/F Par Meter

    Im in sunset park
  15. Equipment L/F Par Meter

    thx guys was trying to find something alil closer to me