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  • Was here today and picked up a couple wrasses. All the tanks looked clean and I didnt see any signs of disease on any of the fishes. Fins looked good, as did coloration. Most fish up and about swimming. They should probably get some more tanks going to ease the crowding. Dealt with Nelson, seemed to know what he was talking about and was very familiar with all the species I asked about. Prices good too. The big issue I have with this place is if youre coming from south shore suffolk or nassau the location isnt ideal, parking isnt great and jericho tpke on weekends always packed.
    I was impressed with this new shop. It's very clean, but it is new. With good prices there's lots of stuff to choose, and lots of stuff coming in and out. But, when the owner lies to my face about their ICH problem, and the staff confirms it, all I did is waste time and $$$$$. I was shopping every 2 weeks. Lesson Learned !!! Quarantine, Quarantine, especially HERE!!!
    Thank you Mike. We truly appreciate this review. We will try to be better every week. I replied to the mail regarding the loss of the wrasse. Please stop by whenever you can. We will make it right.

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