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  • yup they sure are and they have really nice stuff man they are gonna be my new spot man ! now i can shorten my new jersey journeys big time.
    yo josh , they are opening a saltwater shop on skillman st in williamsburg!! thats like 10 mins from you man!! the grand opening is saturday afternoon dude you should totaly go man im gonna go for sure im dying for something good in my neck of the wood, no more trips to jersey! woooooo hoooooo.
    Hey this week I might bring u over some water and I think I may take that colony off your hands just let me know how much u want 4 it
    Unfortunately, the only person I would go to for glass would be something like a.g.e, coast to coast, but if your not looking too spend that extra cash. glass cages is fine.
    the first song was jamie cullum; all at sea. and the second one was sia; under the milky way
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