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I live in a 2 nd floor town house , I have reefer 250 total maybe 80 gallons as I swaped out sump , no issues with weight ,however I want to upgrade to reefer 625 165 gal when it's released however I am now worried if floor can take that weight ,I'm figuring would weight about 2000 pounds with rock and water that is puts a guess will attTch pic of current tank as that's where I want to put new tank IMG_0086.jpg

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120g tank, wood stand/canopy, sump, water and rocks is about the limit on weight I would do without checking the floor for structure unless it was a concrete floor.
I had a 180g tank, wood stand/canopy, water and rocks but no sump on a second floor with no reinforcement BUT I did check my floors and the joist were 12" apart vs 16" and the tank was set in place perpendicular to the floor joist and against an exterior wall.

So even with these differences, I eventually did notice the floor area in front of the tank start to creak after about 5 years which leads me to believe that a little reinforcement should have been done regardless.