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Hey guys... finally getting back into the hobby after a couple years. I'm back home from college for a few months and just set up a fluval edge 12 gallon tank.

Is there anything like the marinepac 3 that I can find on the market for the back? Perhaps have something custom built so fit the back chamber?

My other option is to have a full out sump setup. I'd prefer the first option, as I don't want an overflow box.

If you guys have any lighting suggestions ( anything in general as well) or if I'd be ok with the stock filter please let me know. Thank you so much!!


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hey, just reading through the threads and saw this one. Not sure if this helps but I just set up a nano tank not too long ago. its the fluval spec 5... if you would like to see it check out my thread i posted pics on the thread. As for lighting I am a Kessil guy 100%. Love them!!!

and... welcome back to the hobby.