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Hi All, Just starting out... Been doing a lot of research for a couple months and I am ready to get started! Should I get a New AIO system like a Red Sea or a Regular Tank and all the accessories... New or Used? Millions more questions to follow I’m sure!

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I agree with heuerfan, I'm kinda old school myself. I started with a 29, to a 75, to a 220, to a 150. Depending on where you see yourself going and where you're comfortable starting sometimes doing it with a regular tank you can upgrade easily if you buy the right equipment from the beginning.

To answer your other question, there's plenty of great used equipment on our marketplace to save you some money especially being new to the hobby.

I love to help newbies so when you're up and running I can probably give you some free frags.

Good luck, it's a great hobby!


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The biggest difference between the two is having the ability to hide equipment in a sump. For example, do you plan on running a skimmer? If so, are you okay with having the skimmer hang on or off the back with parts in the view?

Functionally they're similar, but aesthetically you'll have to think this out

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