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No name + Pink Cadillac waiting to acclimate so I can put them in their places.


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New purchases... Pics to come!

Aussie 24k gold
Indo Gold torch

Both are unique and look amazing in their own right so had to have both flavors!


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POTO Indo Gold Torch
The gold was minimal but already seeing the gold starting to come in.

Sitting next to my CC 21 Tails puts it to shame right now.


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Aussie 24k didnt survive. $$ down the drain. Will never buy something so expensive through R2R personals again. Rather get 1 head for same price from a LFS that I can see the health beforehand.

Most recent FTS.


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Made a change I am quite fond of. So I hate the sandbed look with frags just plopped on the sand so I want a DISPLAY that displays the corals with the thought the racks will eventually be covered in coralline or zoas will cover everything. Put eggcrate on one side and then an older frag rack the other end and set both to a 25° angle to display the corals. Try to hide the ugly plugs and better viewing angle while not turning it too far where it would shade and miss potential light/par.

I personally love how it turned out.

That middle space is going to be my scoly farm. Waiting for some good deals. Any near by vendors have any coming up? I know, I know. Just missed black friday.


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Dont think I've really bought much until recently.
Added this week/last:

CMD_2020 - Mini colony Tyree Pinky the Bear

JerseyCorals - Indo rose gold hammer
JerseyCorals - Indo gold hammer
Both branching. The indo rose gold is a very beautiful color/piece.
Good price off BF or Cyber Week

ICONIC - believe it is a WARPAINT Scoly 5 colors
ICONIC - Garf Bonsai - OG, Classic SPS must have

Next really need a splatter hammer and then going on a hiatus before ramping up on a few scolies.

Bleeding apple
Superman - blue and red
Then any other crazy color.

Absolutely no plan of getting crazy master or ultra scolies. Very beautiful but price tag for a coral I cant frag and gain back my money in the future is not going to happen.


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Had to go back so picked up the Splatter Hammer!

Done for the year.

Next year will be select mid-higher end acros, a clam, scoly farm collection and finish with a few more different color hammers.


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Hey what’s up bro are you selling this hammer


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That insane PE at 11a.m.!


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Missing colors seen by many. Getting growth, PE but colors are not what I would expect. Just letting them grow how they grow and hope the color eventually comes in as they grow out.


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Have been a bunch of changes.

Besides losing interest for awhile. I wanted better results from a known good source. I wasn't really happy with what I was getting under the AI Primes, it was a budget purchase.

So I ended up with a Orphek Atlantik V4 and waiting for the iCon upgrade to be shipped for better control.

Par meter adjusted for spread based on coral needs. Running extremely low power useage than what is possible with this light. Only running max 6% on Ch1, 55% on Ch2, 50% on Ch3, 5% on ch4. Due to my tank dimensions it keeps a majority of the tank between 225-275 for most of the tank. On the outer edges I can get it down to the light drops to 140-175. Outside the first set of leds on each side, it drops under 75-100. Running 1.5hr ramp up then goes right from peak to a 5 hr ramp downward with ch1 and 4 off and only Ch 2-3 on to ramp down for final 3~ hrs. Running no moonlights. Allowing for black outs. Conflicting information on moonlights stressing the tank. I used to always run moonlights but since the orpheks don't really have dedicated moonlights, it is what it is.

So far color is returning to all corals after stint of lost of interest.

Unfortunately, I ended up changing a lot of things because the lost of a lot of my SPS during this time.

I recently got an Apex with a Trident for better control and reduce time required of me to test.

I do not chase numbers. I chase stability. I keep it all within a range and check it off my hanna meters about once a month or month and a half.

Alk - 8.55-8.95
CA - 421-440
Mag- 1313-1340
Hanna - I am going to try to test every Friday.
PO4 - .05-0.09ppm
NO3 (HR checker) - 15.1-15.9 last 3 weeks

So I decided against a more SPS dominant tank to a full mix with more LPS oriented tank for hardier corals that can deal with me losing a bit of focus.

Purchased a few rainbow acans and now I went a little crazy with TCK's sale.

JF Spicy Lemon Favia
JF Dayglo Favia
Darth Maul Favia
UC Fascination Favia
TCK Bleeding Heart Favia

Rainbow incinerator zoa

WWC Heartbreaker
TSA Bill Murray
TCK Candy Crush
TCK Birthday Cake
Garf Bonsai
ARC Proximo
RRC Pink Cadillac

JF Fender Bender Cyphaestrea
Skittles Bomb Cyphaestrea

Recently also got:

Dragon Soul Favia
UFO Micromussa

Bleeding apple scoly

Rainbow Lord
Looney Tunes Acan Lord
Sunfire Acan Lord

Rainbow acan
Pretty sick micromussa

Last edited:


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So I went a little overboard!


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Biggest gem

TCK Purple Pillow

I know you guys have a lot higher end corals but the colony shot of it is insane!


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Different haul and will arrive altogether.


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