Elos Aquastudio New Jersey


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Store is great and the staff are all very friendly and don't rush you. I never knew about the Facebook page - thanks, that'll come in useful for me.

Only slight negative for me was that other than Larry, the other staff also seemed unclear on price and referred to him for most questions.


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north NJ
Larry seems to be the go to guy, all very nice and they don't rush you at all

I hate asking for prices because I always pick expensive crap


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new jersey
I was at the store today. Staff was very friendly, and yes no prices displayed. But the most amazing collection of fish I have ever seen in one location. A gem tang, two doctor seuss fish, a clarion angel, several pairs of fish including sunburst anthias, goby and shrimp pairs. Store is pretty amazing and worth the visit.


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None of the aqua studio stores write prices on the tanks, I suspect it has to do with keeping the clean and minimalistic modern look to the store. Maybe we can make some suggestions other than scribbling all over the tanks with a wax marker?

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