45 Gallon Rimless Cobalt C-Vue FW Tank


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Cobalt C-Vue 45 Gallon All-In-One Rimless Aquarium

Two built-in overflows and two (removable) return pumps that together pump 528 gph.

Stand with storage cabinet included.

I also have four lights I can include. Two 24? Fluval 3.0 programmable and two 24? 24/7 Finnex Planted+ along with a five pound CO2 tank with solenoid on a timer. All can be sold as a package with the tank or individually.

I'll include all filter media (bio balls, purigen, etc,) the remainder of various Seachem treatments, dry food, 24 hour timed outlet, curved scissors for trimming and tongs.

This is a fully cycled mature tank stocked with flora and fauna. Plants and fish can be included but if you?d like to stock yourself they?ll have homes.

Total dimensions are 25"x22"x19" for the overall tank.