Have you searched your ancestry?


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Trying to trace back family roots! Jeez, cannot it get anymore difficult.

On my maternal side I can only go back to my great grandparents on my grandfather's side. On my grandmother's side I can't get past her. My mom's mom died when my mom was 8 so she doesn't remember even meeting her grandparents, only her siblings.

On my paternal side I only got as far as my great grandmother on my grandmother's side.

Record keeping apparently was none existing, or done by the church.

I got in touch with a Gallego Society, but I would need "municipality where the ancestors were born, 1st. & 2nd. last names, birth date, and hope that they were born after 1875. And that is just my maternal grandmother's side.
Never mind about my paternal grandfather who I don't even know what his name was.;(
So many companies claiming to find your ancestries (for $$$), I wonder how legitimate they are.:Yikes:
Records seem to be "Top Secret".:fishhit:
How can families be so neglectful of their ancestors?

I am so so bummed out.....

Sorry guys/gals just feeling a bit like a failure, and needed to whine.....:sad2:


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I would check with any cousins aunts uncles etc.

My dad got me in touch with his second cousin who was really into genealogy. She had records on my dad's side up to my great great great great grandparents who were probably born in late 1700's or start of the 1800's. i was quite amazed considering before that i didn't know anyone past my grandparents.

I cant say much for the services online, i hate that they are subscription based.

Good luck with your research.


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Thanks Inevo!!!!

I actually just heard back from one of my aunts with a bit more info.;) I know have my paternal grandparents names.;) Unfortunately it is only their 1st. last names, and with hispanics (Puerto Ricans, Spain & Galitian's 2 surnames are a must). Just learned that we have ties to Italian roots as well as Canary Island. I'm some mutt.lol

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