So angry somebody took my mp-10

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That's why I require all returns and such to have signature required and have Amazon to consolidate the shipment as few as possible nowadays. Or else, the delivery person will simply leave them any place they want and considered it delivered.


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That sucks with stuff like this the company del it should be held responsible for leaving it at the door. A sign should be obtain to make sure the person got the item. So sorry to hear that


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Mamaroneck, NY
So there's an upside to this story. My neighbors picked uos the package because they knew we were at the hospital and they just brought it over.

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Awesome neighbors.

It's nice finding out how good our neighbors can be. Too bad we can't all have more like them!

I agree with that other post, send things like that to your job or even another family close by that is home. I have all of mine go to a local business so that someone always signs for iit. I am a pretty loyal patron and friendly with the owner so he doesn't mind.