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I don't know why anyone would buy either. Both are going to disappoint.

PS4 will have the same un-noteworthy games like the PS3.

Xbox one.... if the always on, always streaming online kinect doesn't scare you enough maybe you should read up on microsofts privacy agreements and user info sharing with the gov't. Plus its going to be ~700$ to buy and get set up.

As great as the streaming services like neflix and stuff are that are included in both, you can get the same out of any new TV that has apps for any of the streaming sites.



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Kinect is mandatory for the system to operate apparently. Needs to be on or the system won't work. Sure you can keep unplugging it but do you really want to unplug it every time you turn off the system?

Xbox One:

499$ = system, kinect, and 1 controller
60$ = 1 extra controller
25$ x 2 = controller recharge stations. Yes these use AA batts =)
25$ = headset
60$ = 1x game.


Yes, you will spend 700$ for your 499 system by the time your ready to plug it in and play.
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You can build a PC for $700, not a great one, but with better hardware than an xbox one, hah.

I just find it funny my PC now is faster than either next-gen console. I get 144 FPS on BF3 for PC and still next gen is limited to 60.

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