Howell, NJ
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My new dish!

Loaded potato skins (with fresh chopped cilantro, fresh mozzarella, mashed potato from spooning out the skins, paprika, salt, pepper, butter, and a little chili powder)

Perogies as well all topped with a balsamic glaze :)


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Amityville, NY
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Beautiful dish. Very artsy.

Today for dinner I had venison (goat), fried rice, fried chicken, and spare ribs, with potato salad. For appetizers I picked up a pecan-raspberry pie in Eastport and washed it down with a couple of glasses of hard cider. :chef:


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Staten Island
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Let's bump this thread back into action after almost 8 years of no action, I know you all have gotten better over the years!

Bone in prime rib eye with creamed spinach and mash.

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