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Anybody on MR that can do a welding job for me?

I have an espresso machine boiler that needs the flanges either brazed or silver soldered.

One is a hairline crack and the other extends through to the threads so it probably needs to be re tapped at the same sized thread.

Going to get up some pics soon so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. Has to hold under pressure but max pressure is 60psi.

Person who had the machine before me forgot to put a gasket in between and must have torqued the heck out of it. I think it's repairable but I know nothing about silver soldering or brazing

Send me a pm if interested. I can bring the machine to your shop (hopefully in jersey but willing to travel) and pay cash.

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If I had the time i would totally silver solder it for ya..it's faily easy to silver solder and you can get the solder at any refrigerant supply store along with the Flux in case you want to attempt it yourself.you would need to make the joint that needs to be soldered very hot in order for it to adhere to the copper

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