Pond revamp


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Now that the weather is warming up I'm back to tackling my pond.
I've struggled with it since we bought our house but finally going to do something with it.

Issues we face:
Poor filtration
Lack of fauna
Weak waterfall

I know these are all issues we can fix but My wife is asking if we can make it bigger but from speaking to a few pond companies they need to take everything out and start over.

My original plan was to buy a pressurized filter and stronger pump and a UV.
I had two pond companies come out. The 1st said save $ and just buy new equipment. He said NO pressurized filter. He recommended a tetra canister looking one that would sit on top of waterfall.
The 2nd guy said he can rebuild everything and have a skimmer type setup. He said no UV.

This leaves me confused.

Our pond isn't terrible but needs some TLC.
Wish list
- bigger pond
- strong pump
- nice flowing waterfall
- lighting
- good filtration
- nice colorful landscaping

I've been in touch with a few members on here and they've been great help but lost contact info. If anyone on here can recommend some equipment or ideas for our pond that would be fantastic.

Here's a pic in its prime. It doesn't look like that now cause maple hasn't blossomed and other shrubs kind of dried up a bit. I had also bought $10 worth of water hyacinth and they took over entire pond. Lol. If only my corals can grow as fast.



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Hi my pond is 13x17 and I have way too many Koi in it :) I have attached a video of how to install their pond. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sQdYeDjzsk I use a simple bio filter which is also the waterfall. Whether you make yours larger or build a new one . If you are gonna dig, there are 2 suggestions I will give you. DON"T make shelves they are perfect for herons or egrets and raccoons to eat like its a buffet. Make the sides straight. The second thing I have found out is keep gravel and stones off the bottom they just trap detritus and give parasites a place to live
Have fun