Vets and Hep C

Paul B

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This is just great. Today my Daughter called me to tell me that she found out that one in five Viet Nam Vets have Hepatitis C. You didn't even have to go to Nam because it was from the air guns that they gave us the shots with. Before going to Nam we had to walk down this narrow hallway with windows on both sides every few feet. We had to have our arms straight down and as we passed each window they put this "gun" to our arms and shot it. They were air guns designed to shoot 6 or 8 (I forget) doses of serum right through your skin at the same time without using a needle. When you emerged from the end of the hallway blood was running down your arms. The problem was that they didn't have to clean these things between people because there was no needles. Now, fifty years later, they find out that blood spattered on the thing and some of it was transferred to the next guy.
Hep C, after decades can give you sclerosis of the liver and now people are starting to die.
A few years ago I went to the VA for an Agent Orange test because I was drenched with the stuff many times. They would spray it over our heads from helicopters all the time, especially when we were eating our C Rations. Of course it wasn't dangerous then. At the VA they gave me a blood pressure test. I said, What is that? That's all we do, I was told.
So I came home and went to a real doctor where they took an X Ray and you can see the Agent Orange as well as the asbestos I used to install all over my lungs. It has not bothered me yet but if there are any Vets here that had shots with an air gun. You should get tested for Hep C