100 Year NFL Season ticket holder!!


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Do you think Gregg Hampton will trade a few of those tickets for corals? Lol..... who knows! If the guy has corals tell him to reach out!

Who do you think the Giants / Eagles will take tonight?

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How do you fee about the draft? I dont watch college football, just watch a lot of NFL.

Im unsure how I fee about our picks for the giants. I was really hoping for a defensive star like Josh allen with the 6th pick, especially since Dave said he was going to draft by the means of ?Best Available.? Instead we went with Jones...who I feel would of been there at 17 or at least we would take Haskins. Thats the only issue I had with this draft, but I guess we wont be able to tell till the next 2-3 years. Everyone bashed the Chiefs when they traded up for Patrick mahomes, who was graded worse than Watson and Trubisky that season...and now look at the Chiefs.


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b-ridge I think you're right about Baker being the best. As a Jets fan I'm quite happy with Q, even if he's like the 99th D-lineman we've taken in the past 100 drafts :)


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The jets are this years best kept secret. Had a awesome free agency. Good first round draft pick.
They weren?t really as bad as there record says they were last year. They get another receiver to go along with my guy Jamison crowder in the slot. A decent tight end and there golden. Darnold looked good at times last year. Looked bad at times also.