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jackson6745 said:
I haven't had a video game system since the original playstation. What new system do you guys recommed getting?

HEHEHE, Richy is oldschool :D

i dont know what to recommend, i play games fairly rarely. i got the old xbox...theres a new xbox coming out but im not paying $400 for a game system!!! plus you have to get games too. maybe some game people will tell you


Advanced Reefer
Right by the GWB
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ctxmonitor said:
isn't it already out? black and white 2
Yup last week I believe. I wasn't sure since I don't carry video games. I just build systems to play them on. I also get games before they release as a perk of the business. I have been playing BW2 for about a month or so.


Bronx, New York
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Rich, i've seen people have the most fun on pc's actually, i don't do PC (i own an XBOX).i think more people play on pc too, i just don't like playing with a mouse and keypad.

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