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I'll be deep frying a bird this weekend. I'm not using an electric cooker.

This is one of those "don't try this at home" posts.

Here's the setup:

210,000 btu propane burner
100% stainless steel (including the chains... yes, chains)
20lbs bird
10 gallons of oil

I'd make this post my last will and testament, but there won't be anything left if this goes awry.

Happy holidays all!


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That's the only way we cook turkey now. There is actually a stand that keeps the bird upright so the oil can go up and in, and also let it drain when done.


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How are you going to lower it in the oil?

I'd highly recommend searching youtube for Alton Browns ladder contraption. He does a entire episode on it. It keeps you far enough away in case something goes wrong. I've been frying turkeys using his method for 3 years and I have no burn marks to show for it. Gallons of hot oil is not something to be taken lightly.

Be safe. It will be the best turkey ever!


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Nice setup. Hard to beat a deep fried turkey.

Just make sure its not still frozen when you drop it in. :p


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Ok, so the blizzard made for some difficult deep frying conditions. The wind kept putting out the flame, so we built a wind shield using tables and plywood, held up by buckets. The oil took forever to get to temp, but in the end, we got great turkey and a good story.

I went with an injection marinade of honey, apple cider, Dogfish Head Raison D'Etre, and some spices. I also used a quick cajun and salt brine.

Here's a shot of what the original shield looked like. We moved it closer in as the night went on and the conditions got worse.


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beerfish that some serious contraption u got there and i see u was not joking about frying that bird but it seems u had fun and thats the most important part.. nic pic too it def put smile on my face
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