Stupid iPad questions?


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I have a few probably stupid iPad questions. Just got it for Christmas so im still learning...

First, the main one, Where the heck is the shuffle button for the music?

In there any way to find or use a back button? Like if you go onto an app and it brings you to a site and you want to go I don't want to click the home button and lose where I was...

Is there a way to turn off mobile vite off for websites? On settings then safari I don't see any option.

Is it true that sky fire Internet will make flash work? Or any hack to make flash work?

What Internet style do you like best? Just safari or sky fire, dolphin, ect...?

What forum or news site do you recommend using for an iPad? I love, looking for a site kind of like that


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Skyfire works well for Flash sites. However, in it's current form I think it's developed for iPhone/iPods. On the iPad for it to be legible, you need to run it @ 1x mode (size of iPhone/iPods), in 2x mode (zoomed full screen for iPad) all the text/images becomes blurry. Frash (jailbreak required) is hit or miss. Some times the Flash content will load, occasionally it'll shutdown the browser.

For shuffling,


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To shuffle between web pages us the button up top on left that has 2squares. Also I have good software that allows u to convert DVD blue rays and video files to iPad format as well as burn blue Ray and3d discs as well it's awesome