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damn i wanna be like u ... damn baller. how many pairs of wrasses you have now?

1 and 1/2. lol

just a pair of McCosker's Flasher wrasses and a Yellow Coris Wrasse!

they get along great, The tank has a lottt of LR now and some open water on one side. So i might be able to get another pair in (or maybe another female McCosker)

i read that McCosters sometimes interbreed with Yellow Tail Flashers. SO maybe i can get a pair or a female YTF! ( Figured if my male MoCoster thinks the yellowtail is sexy they won't fight :)

PS: back on topic, Lets get these fish a good home!!
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Spider-eye puffer (Canthigaster amboinensis)


General Information:

Minimum Tank Size: 50 gallons
Care Level: Moderate
Reef Compatible: No
Water Conditions: 72-78? F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.020-1.025
Max. Size: 5"
Diet: Omnivore

Detailed Information:

We've had this fish for a while (over a month) and looking to make some room! It eats frozen mysis and any pellets offered. It is in a community tank and hasn't bothered any other fish. This puffer will not be available for pick up until the weekend of June 5th. The fish has been treated with praziquantel and is now in the process of going through a copper power treatment. This guys is roughly 2" long.

$10 adoption fee!!!



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Boomerang Triggerfish (Sufflamen bursa)

General Information:

Common Name:
Boomerang Triggerfish
Scientific Name: Sufflamen bursa
Max Size: 10”
Reef Safe: No
Collection: Hawaii
Care Level: Easy
Tank Conditions: 72-78?F; sg 1.020-1.025; pH 8.1-8.4
Minimum Tank Capacity: 120G
Diet: Shrimp and other meaty foods.

Detailed Information:

We have two of these guys in stock. They have been treated with praziquantel and copper power. They both are about 4" long. They have not been as aggressive as I expected. The coloration is awesome! They are eating all types of frozen shrimp including large mysis and cocktail shrimp. Beautiful additions to a FOWLR. I do not have pics of them but have posted a photo of the same fish below.

Adoption Fee is $15 each!!!!!!!

Photo Credit: Yuko Stender

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i would like to add to the list..
i have a 3" Gold stripe Maroon Clown.

He is 100% non-aggressive towards my other fish.

Only problem i must warn is that he diggs A LOTTTTTTTTTT and will move rocks!!

I also adopted him from another member. But i am now moving on from my FOWLR and starting to keep a few zoos. And with the standstorm that he creats he covers my lower laying rocks with silt!!

He is FREE to someone that understands the risk involved! ( but if you have a small reef-safe fish or a small skunk cleaner shrimp, snails, or hermits you'd like to trade , that will be great)

i have some snails n hermit crabs lmk...

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