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Old 02-19-2018, 12:09 PM
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switch to sony

I recently took the leap into the mirrorless world of Sony after shooting Canon DSLRs for umpteen years. I actually have the first Canon DSLR, the d30 and it still works. I had to get a 4k camera for work so i snagged a a7rii. I also just got back into my tank after neglecting it for a couple years. My doctor told me to do things that I found pleasure in and I figured I start with photography and my tank. I never really had much coral in my tank to begin with. The few pieces I had died off and all that was left was my Black Ocellaris, a yellowtail damsel and a mean domino that just got the boot.
This new journey back into the hobby started when the Rapid LED light kit i had for my tank finally salted out and just died. My neglect I know. I needed to get a light quick and thought who better than to deliver me something fast. Gotta love em. Anyway, I bought a Chinese LED which seems to be a lot better than the DIY kit I made. The light has a timer! YAY! I hated pulling the plugs out every night. This makes life grand for sure. Its super bright too. I ended up going down to Delancy cause they have parking right out front and it was easy to get to. I donated the Domino, got a small Ocellaris and this guy. I took this with the sony and a old vivitar 80-205 3.8 that does macro. This is the closest I could get it.

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