Photos of our trip to Long Island Aqurarium


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So we closed the store down one day to go on a trip to Long Island Aquarium. Many of us have seen its 20,000-gallon reef tank in videos. To see it in person, and to get an all-access behind-the-scene tour given by none other than Joe Yaiullo himself was equivalent to going to the Disneyland of reefing for us. Here are a few photo highlights from the trip.

We started with a behind-the-scene look at the 120,000-gallon shark tank.

Skimmers Joe built for the shark tank. The same type of skimmers is used on the reef.

Massive ball valve on the skimmers.

300W LED canon with liquid cooling soon to be going on the reef. Most of the reef is still being lit by MH and only a couple of these canons are currently being used. But LED is definitely on Joe's mind. However for a tank of this scale in the public eye it is not something to be rushed.

The reef runs on NSW and ESV Tarnsition Elements. For calcium and alkalinity, kalkwasser is added via a large pool dosing pump intermittently through out the day. About 2 quarts of calcium hydroxide powder is added to a mixing drum and consumed by the reef daily. The reef is currently measuring 410-420ppm for calcium, and 10 dkh for alkalinity.

Generator that keeps the aquarium running during any outage

Atop the 20,000 reef tank looking at the 200g surge device in the corner

One of the two viewing panels into the reef

A massive Hydro Wizard that by itself can move the water in this tank while using ~345 watts at peak.

20,000 gallon water storage tank for water change in the aquarium

All pumps turned off for a top-down view.

In this video, Joe demonstrates the power of the Hydro Wizard by turning off all the pumps except the Hydro Wizard on pulse mode at 100% every half a second.