Shop relocation & Grand Opening!

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Hello Everybody! Here at The Reef Shoppe we hope you guys have had a wonderful summer so far.

!!We have some news that we have to share with you all!!

First off, we apologize for not updating lately, answering messages, or answering phone calls. We are in the process of changing store locations so we can provide a better experience for you when you stop by to see us. At the new shop we will still have the same phone number (347-851-4600) and if you are unable to reach us at the moment it is because we are in the process of getting our lines transferred to our new location.

Our new store will have a large quarantine system and all the fish that we receive will be going to a therapy bed held in our basement for a couple days before going upstairs to be ready for you guys. We want to make sure that you guys will get top quality items with us at our new shop.

Last but not least our official opening day is Tuesday August 1st!

We apologize again for any inconveniences or delays due to our relocation, we hope that you will remain faithful customers and that you enjoy our new shop as much as we have enjoyed improving it for you all!


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Westchester, N.Y
It's always nice to hear some great news. The Reef shoppe guys are true reefers. The way this hobby is its not easy. We seen places close and to see that The Reef Shoppe opening to bigger store is committing to better service us as much as for them. I like that they be able to Qt better so fish settles in more. Glad the the boys are back. In time the new store will look great. It takes time. Does that mean Sunday be a little less crowned.??
The way the Internet has hurt business. The big chain stores which have nothing. It's great that we can have a place like this to keep our hobby or addiction going. For me going to LFS supporting them picking out and seeing the fish and coral yourself is special. Thanks The Reef Shoppe .....for opening a new store, Good luck...

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