New Here! Advice on my setup please!!! Complete beginner!


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Hey all!

I am in the process of turning my Imagitarium 3.7 Pro aquarium into a pico reef and have been creating a spreadsheet that outlines the setup including the budget, items I think I need (including links/prices), possible items I may want, and a list of some fauna I'm considering.

Feel free to check out the spreadsheet and give me any feedback!!!! I might end up getting the Kesser A80 Tuna blue light if I can find a good deal on a used one.

Thank you!


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Staten Island
Definitely get a temperature controller. I think its a must for this size setup. I'm using this tank for freshwater shrimp and found that most of the hearers will overheat this size tank. I also bought a usb fan that connects to the cool side for when the temp is too hot. Worked great:beer:


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Long Island, NY
with your budget you might want to go bigger. bigger is better always. 10 gallon all in ones or JBJs are usually good. JBJ biocubes come with everything but a heater so idk you may run into problems with such a small tank. parameters aren't as consistent and you will find yourself doing more maintenance on it. thats just my 2 cents from experience :)

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