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Hello, I’m a Manhattanite who is new to fishkeeping and I am looking for a place to connect with other local fishkeepers. However, I’m going to have a 15g Freshwater tank, not salt (yet!). This was the only Manhattan group I could find. Is there a Manhattan/NYC Freshwater forum like this?

Also, if you all know, is Pacific Aquarium & Plant a good place to buy nano fish?



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I like pacific's shop over on Delancy. There are a couple of places in Chinatown that sell fish. As for a freshwater forum, there is a cichlid forum, but that's for cichlids and a monster fish forum, (heh, the opposite of nano) Freshwater is a bit too general.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that everyone on manhattanreef is also going to pretty knowledgeable about freshwater also.