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Hello All

So it turns out that I will be attending the swap this Sunday. A few of us from NJRC are planning to take the drive.

In the past quite a few people outside of NJ have asked if I go to NY :)
I don't go to NY, but I can bring some frags to the swap if anyone is interested.

I can frag the following colonies :-

ORA Red Planet
ORA PearlBerry
ORA Valida Tri Color - Type 1
ORA Valida Tri Color - Type 2
ORA Orange Digitata
Tyree Pink Lemonade
Garf Purple Boansi
Aussie Yellow with Pink tips
Bali Green Slimer
ORA Green BirdsNest
Jesus StagHorn

All frags will be at least 1 inch in size.

1 frag for $30
2 frags for $50
5 frags for $100

The frags must be paid in full via paypal.

PM me for paypal address and what you would like.

Here are some pics of the mother colonies. They have grown since these pics were last taken :-

ORA Orange Digi

Aussie Yellow with pink tips

ORA Red Planet

Garf Purple Boansi

ORA PearlBerry

ORA Tricolor Valida

Tyree Pink Lemonade

Bali Green Slimer

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Hey Sunny, when I finish upgrading my lights I would love to buy a few frags from you. You have several corals which I had and lost due to a blackout that affected my neighborhood several years ago. It was heart breaking... Been trying to track down frags for past two years, but of the hundreds of frags I sold or gave away, not a single person I have been able to contact still has them!

Anyway, your tank looks amazing!