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Staten Island
Hey all, I have some more frags up that are ready for sale. Pick up in Staten Island as I am almost never off the Island. Thank you in advance.

$10 per frag

Gatorade zoas 7-10p (4 frags available)
Tuti frutti zoas around 10p (2 frags available)
Wild fire zoas 5-8p (2 frags available)
Taquilla sunrise zoas 10-15p sold out
Captain america zoas 6-7p sold out
CB rainbow infusion zoas 5-6p (4 frags available)
Incredible hulk zoas around 10p (1 frag available)

Rainbow monti sold out
Superman monti sold out
WWC Red hot chilli pepper monti sold out
Spongodes monti (1 frag available)
Tubbs stellar monti (1 frag available)

Hurricane chalice (2 frags available)
Acan echinata blue w/gold (1 frag available)
Green slimmer around 3-4 inch frags (3 frags available)
Sour apple birds nest sold out

Other frags
I also have larger frags of green slimmer 4-5 inch frags for $15 per frag and also
have a few frags of a light blue tenuis coral with rust/red polyps for $15.

I wil try and post up some pictures later today.

Thanks again,
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