Coral Beginner corals pack(20 frags for $100)


Manhattan Reefs
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All frags packs mixed with soft corald ,lps coral and sps hard coral AS below: Pink pulsating xenia, sunburst montipora,green star polyps, green shroom, orange montipora,red shroom, jade green montipora, grafted montipora with red strips, purple monti, pink finger leather, green carbige leather, pink colt tree leather, green colt leather, pink gorgonia, purple gorgonia, pink and purple cespitularia,anthinia coral, purple pompom xenia, pink BN, soul apple BN, og sertosa, pocillopora green, purple pocillopora, pink cactus coral,green palythoa, yellow polyps, pipe coral, kenia tree, ora birdsnest, daisy paly, zoas, Hollywood stunner charlice, spongepora sps, rainbow montipora, reverse sunset monti, orange sunset monti, candy cand, red macroalgae with reef pods......frags will be packed in individual bags when pickup. Thanks for looking. Pick-up in SOHO. 9177564758. Text for detail address. John.
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