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Manhattan Reefs
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New York City
Looking to sell my tank as a whole if possible. Need to make space but not in a rush.
Located in Lower East Side Manhattan. 10002.
This is a Co-Op building so no worries on bugs or anything.

Selling as a whole - $1100 Comes with the following: Everything works and there are no problems. Tank is still running. All I do is dose red sea products and random water changes. Perfect for anyone who wants to get a tank up and running within a day. (Lights and tank itself spent $1000, all other equipment spent ~$400-500)
1) RSR 250 w/ Cabinet (has motion sensor lighting installed), piping, sump, and return pump. I have a net cover as will that I will throw in
2) SCA-301 Skimmer
3) Smart ATO plus a bucket I used for the reservoir
4) Kessil AP700 w/mounts - Used for about a year less than 50% (I can sell 2x AI Prime HD w/mount for $1000 Can give you the light settings I had with success for corals)
5) Live Rocks with corals on it ~50lbs (Will post pictures soon if they are not up yet)
6) Live sand that is in the tank
7) Corals - there are lots of random Zoas, sour apple birdsnest, blue mushrooms, different types of GSPs (large amounts of GSP), plus more.
8) Powerheads - 1x Jebao SCP90, 2x Jebao PP4
9) Heater + temp controller - was purchased recently
10) Fishes - 2x Ocellaris Clownfish mated. Was laying eggs from May to July 2019. 1x six line wrasse, 5x chromis
11) Random things I have that I used for the tank since I'm leaving the hobby.

Might be missing some things but the above are the main things used in the tank and is needed.
Still have boxes for some of the items I purchased brand new.
3-4 (or maybe more) home depot buckets to use and keep on the move.

1) RSR 250 - was purchased second hand - I had for a little more than a year now. this is used so there will be scratches on the tank.
Scratches are not that visible when tank is clean. As it gets dirtier, the algae gets into the scratch that makes it more visible. easy to clean though to make it less visible.
Please don't come looking for a no scratch tank as this is second hand.

Will part out if no buyers are interested in the whole thing later on.

If anyone is interested in corals that I can frag, reach out on what you would like and let's talk.
Plenty of AOG Zoas and GSPs
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