Coral Rose Bubble Tips and Sunset Monti colonies For sale


Rating - 100%
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Brooklyn, NY
Rose Bubble Tips - $50 each or 3 for $120 (selling 6 in total)
Sunset Monti colonies - 2 round fully encrusted rocks (I want to say 6/7" diameter? - $100/$110 (for the slightly larger one)

I have had the bubble tips for a while and they have been actively splitting. They're making themselves very much at home and exploring everywhere so I need to make some space and sadly sell some of them. They are all healthy, large, bubbly and at least 5"+ (most larger). They were sold to me with some super fancy name - super atomic nuclear winter implosion hurricane etc.

11214 pickup

I owe pictures but can more readily send from my phone so if you want to see them sooner send me your number.

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