Selling Aiptasia Eating Nudibranch 11365


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Fresh Meadows NY
Berghia Nudibranch

I have Large around 1/2" and small around 1/4"

I don't know how many i can fish out yet. Maybe 5 maybe 10.
I also don't know how many large or small there is for your order so it will be mixed.

Large 1/2" $10 each
Small 1/4" $6 each

In general tank around 60 gallon depending on how many aptasia you have. U need anywhere between 5-10 nudi.

For all information regarding Berghia Nudibranch please go to as i got my nudi from them as well. (My friend got it from them and when he finish with his tank give it to me for free to grow)

PM me if you are interested and how many. i will try to fish some out tomorrow, and meet in 11365. All nudi will be mix with large and small as i can't really control what will show up tomorrow.

I will not deliver, but willing to work out with your schedule.

For reference, i have a picture of large nudi 1/2" or bigger attached. smaller nudi will be half the size.


If you want to trade aptisia rock with my nudi. Totally welcome please send me your rock with aptisia and i know what to expect.

These nudi eat too fast....i really can't keep up with amount of aptisia in my grow out.....i have been constantly buying aptisia...but again, can't keep up.