Coral Spotlight | Zoanthids and Palythoas


Manhattan Reefs
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Denver, Colorado
Common names: zoos, zoanthids, button polyps, palythoas, palys

Difficulty Level:Zoanthids are extremely tolerant and a great choice for beginners due to their fast growth speed and broad range of colors.

Feeding: These corals prefer phytoplankton though their primary source of nutrition is photosynthesis.

Lighting (Level 4 to 10):Zoas will adapt to almost any type of lighting although care should be taken when moving them into higher lighting areas.

Water flow: These corals do well with moderate to high water flow.

Placement:*Zoas are fast growers which have the ability to encroach upon most hard corals and shade them out over time. They grow toward their light source, so try to keep susceptible corals out of their path.

General: These corals come in an endless variety of colors and sizes. Though they are nearly the same biologically their unique zooxanthellae has given them endless names in reference to their color. Many of these colors are dependent on lighting conditions and will color morph under the wrong type of lighting

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