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Several Jawbreaker mushrooms available
The lights were just coming on for the pictures so get much larger than pictured.

The first two pics are a quarter zoas and baby for $120.
The next 2 shots are of one with lots of red spatter is $150.
Lastly is the main mama.
Sadly lights just came on cause she opens up so much larger…
She has just started developing green specs. She is $450 and comes one baby that gets shaded a bit. The baby can be seen in pic 5. Hasn’t colored up a ton as it gets shaded as she gets much bigger.

There are two other yellow babies just about quarter size in the pictures near the mama and they are $100 each.
Definitely will develop some nice coloring in time.

Again, I will try and get even better photos when opened up more fully.

Cash pickup in Dumont NJ 07628

Feel free to send a text: 201-888-2420


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