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Walt Smith is the one who is supplying the majority of these corals to these suppliers. Steve Tyree buys from him, and from what i understand, most of these wholesalers buy from Walt Smith. I think FFE works with ERI, who buy from Walt. But yes I do agree Walt has some crazy stuff. When I was at Walt's, it was just SPS heaven..rows and rows of colorful acros that took my breath away. I must of seen at least 300 acro heads! Has anyone seen an fluourescent grren acro which is as flat as a leaf? I mean this was something that you thought grew from a tree. I was drooling..
No, it wasnt acro echinata if that was your thought. Going up next week to see what I can put in my tank!!


ps..Sue..how big was your frag? How does that blue stag look?? The pic of it looks nice, but not sure if it's worth the bucks.

Sue Truett

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Philip, Hi, and the corals are doing amazing. They are so nice and healthy. I agree about the prices going through the roof, thats why I'm doing all the trading I can.

Jan, the tortuosa is easily 3+" multiple branches. The other blue staghorn is worth every penny. The tort. is a more royal blue to my eyes, this other blue stag. is almost a flourescent blue. Honestly I know no other word to call this blue.

check out my 120 sps tank: http://suetruett.homestead.com/home.html www.marshreef.org/members


I recieved the 5 for $50 from www.rodsreef.com the yello acro was a double branch about 2.5 inches
the birds nest was about 2.5 diameter
the purple montipora was 3 inches at least(3branches)
the plating montipora was about 2"
i got 2 purple montipora so only 4 species.
he threw in a pulsing zenia frag for free and answered about 5 different phone in questions everything was packaged securley and they were all healthy they arrived next day and all together $85 bucks.
rod rocks!


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Hey Sue, Jan,

How are ya. Sue, I think we both got the limited edition from Piece of the Reef. It does have awesome coloration on what I can best describe as a solid powder coated blue:


An awful price to pay for but then again it is one of a kind.


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Hey Mac, just curious but why did all of your Atlantis frags die?

Wish I knew the answer to that. Don't know what happened. Had the same thing happen to me twice. Friend of mine went out to NYC, stopped by at Brian's place, picked me out a couple Frags. Got them home and into the tank the next day, they were fine. A Couple days later, two had bleached. Called Brian, Got credit on my two dead frags (like I said, good guy, happy w/ his business), and about a month later when it warmed up, I ordered a box (where the web page pics came from). As you can see in the pix, the corals look great when they first got in. Couple bleached right away, a few other's did so in a few days. I had 3 frags that had taken hold and started growing, but I moved my tanks this weekend, I lost a lot (those 3 included).
The frags I had that Died quickly were most certainly alive in the bag, they were alive when I got them into my tank, it was after the fact that they kicked it. Considering this same thing happened to me twice, and lots of other people haven't had anyproblems, I naturally assumed it was something in my system, and never went back to Brian for Credit on the larger order. It was obviously something w/ my system, since some lived, and other's didn't. I still have that trouble now. I've gotten frags in from "Rod's Reef", LFS, and a couple other places... some just don't make it, other's take off from Day one. Very weird stuff.

- Mac


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Thanks for filling me in. I just added 6 frags from Brian about 3 weeks ago. One of the frags didn't make it and was gone by the next day (Brian is crediting me) the other 5 appear to be doing well. I agree that brian's a great guy, in fact he was able to upgrade my shipment from standard overnight to priority overnight after the shipment had gone out (I failed to notice that he usually ships standard, and I needed them to arrive in th AM).


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Hi Jan,

Yeah I placed it right smack in the middle although it is on the lower third of the tank.

I can't see the pic here from work due to firewall issues but to the right of it is turquoise/magenta tipped A.cerealis, to the left is solid sky blue A.schmitti and above it should be a red M.efflorescens and A.formosa stag.

Happy Reefin',

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